Dimitte Nobis Peccata Nostra , Gulasch & Champagne - WIEN, I.

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun 8.00-00.30

Gulasch & Champagne

+43 (0)1 91 880 500

Schubertring 10–12, 1010 Wien
(im Grand Ferdinand)

Carefree dining at its best.

At Gulasch & Champagne, we are passionate about temptation. Let yourself be tempted by one of our small snacks in a grand setting. Let yourself be seduced by Vienna's oh-so-sinful yet delectable, classic "fast food": sausages served with goulash broth, Debreziner sausages, Leberkäse and, of course, goulash. Deliciously rounded out with a glass of Velkopopovicky or Veuve Clicquot.

Enjoy the cheerful tête-à-tête between home-style cooking and indulgence. From late morning to late at night. Not that schedules matter much – you'll likely stay longer than you planned.

Forgive us our Sins.

Vienna Ball Season When night-time truly shines.

In Vienna, "going to the ball" includes pre-celebrations and after-parties and sometimes even a snack in between. Meeting with friends before the big event – over sausages, as tradition would have it – catching your breath between waltzes, or on the way home with a glass or two of champagne to toast the night away.

Wiener Hofburg·
Wiener Hofburg·
Ball der Kaffeesieder
Wiener Hofburg·
Ball der Pharmacie 2018
Wiener Hofburg·
TU Ball – Ball der Technischen Universität Wien
Wiener Hofburg·
Jägerball - Ball vom Grünen Kreuz 2018
Wiener Hofburg·
Wiener Opernball
Wiener Staatsoper·
Konzerthaus Wien·
Wiener Hofburg·
Life Ball
Fête Impériale
Spanische Hofreitschule·

He who stops
indulging begins

(French proverb)